Following its meteoric rise to the forefront of our public consciousness, Bitcoin has been named the ‘Term of the Year’ by Investopedia. This is hardly surprising, considering that cryptocurrency managed to overshadow most of the events in what has been a rather tumultuous year.

Financial education recourse focused on investment featured Bitcoin at the top of their annual Top Financial Terms list. It’s also important to note just how prevalent the cryptocurrency has been this year, as Bitcoin is far from the only cryptocurrency-related term on the list.

The technology behind the new trend – blockchain – is a close second. A predictable development, considering that even a lot of more conservative investors that shun cryptocurrencies as a speculative bubble are fully on board with the tech that powers it.

Another crypto-term on the list is ICO or Initial Coin Offering. Despite the fact that quite a few of the ICOs do not actually sell out, it is impossible to underestimate the impact of those that do. And this has not gone unnoticed in the investment circles.

This is the gold rush of our time, and Bitcoin comes both with the positives and the negatives of its infamous counterpart. No matter what you think about it, ignoring cryptocurrency is not a wise move.

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